Our Services Portfolio

Your IT is Our business​ ℠

We provide professional consulting services that enable businesses to optimize IT spending, enhance security, reduce downtime, and make their technology and processes more efficient and effective. Our services portfolio is Cloud focused because that is what we do best. We specialize in solving business and technology problems with cloud-based solutions.

We engage in two ways with our clients: 

Partially-Managed: You manage your own Cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and resources. We provide on-demand assistance and support without a long-term contract.

Fully-Managed: We manage all your Cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and resources. This engagement is done through a quarterly or yearly contract.

In both offerings you hold keys to the kingdom i.e. You own the master Cloud Service Provider account for billing and administrative purposes and provide us with access to manage your resources on your behalf.

1. Cloud Migration Services


Our Cloud Migration services follow a phased approach providing expertise and skills needed for a successful transition to a public cloud.

An Assessment phase determines how the service being migrated relates to other business functions, the impact of this service on the business and the stakeholders involved with this service. The outcome is a business case describing the pros and cons of migration and highlighting the technical and non-technical requirements that must be met.

An Evaluation phase kicks off after the business case is approved by the stakeholders to determine the best cloud services provider (CSP) for this particular migration. The evaluation process takes time, cost, compatibility, and other variables into consideration and recommends the best landing-zone for this service in a public cloud.

Planning phase is next that produces a detailed execution plan on how to securely and safely migrate this workload with minimum interruption to the stakeholders.

An Implementation phase begins where Cloud resources are created and the actual migration takes place.

A final Optimization phase takes place where Cloud resources are optimized for cost, performance, monitoring and operations.

This process is repeated for each IT/business function or application to be migrated to a public cloud.

2. Cloud Security Services


Our Cloud Security Services ensure that your resources and data remain Confidential and Available to you at all times while maintaining their Integrity.

This mindset of Confidentiality, Availability, and Integrity guides all our efforts to protect your assets in Public Clouds.

For new projects and customers we make sure that Security is our top priority from the start and all the way throughout each phase of a cloud migration or deployment.

For existing public cloud customers we offer assessment and auditing services for their existing public cloud resources and help to enhance their security posture.

Our (ISC)² certified information systems security, and certified cloud security professionals (CISSP, CCSP) staff are at your service to make sure you're getting industry standard protection for your resources and data in public clouds.

4. Cloud Email Services


Our Cloud Email Services alleviate the challenges and pain of hosting your own email server and other collaboration tools.

Microsoft and Google Cloud offer productivity and collaboration applications such as email, calendar, contacts, content-sharing, spreadsheet, word-processing, and other office tools to businesses of any size that provide a feature-rich and better user experience.

Use your familiar Office applications at lower cost, zero maintenance, and access from anywhere, anytime via any device or browser without ever worrying about losing access or your data.

3. Cloud Storage Services


Our Cloud Storage Services takes your data and information storage lifecycle needs into consideration and provides you with a comprehensive and holistic solution while keeping your short and long term business requirements in mind.

Not only our data storage specialists find the best landing zone for your important file, document, media, or transactional data, they also provide you with tools necessary to access this data in timely fashion as required by the business.

Whether you are already using Cloud Storage or a new customer looking to utilize Cloud as your primary or backup data storage, our SNIA certified data storage specialists provide you with expert advice, careful planning, and methodical implementation techniques to make sure your data is safe, secure, and available to you at all times.

5. Cloud Hosting Services


Our Cloud Hosting Services aim to provide businesses an alternative to traditional web/app shared-hosting as well as moving their on-premise windows/linux desktops to Cloud Remote-Desktops.

Because Cloud provides self-service, on-demand, massive scalability with agility and speed it enables businesses to address growth challenges to their web applications such as increased load, higher traffic, and global content delivery.

With Cloud remote-desktops, businesses can have their workers work remotely, from-home or on-the-go from anywhere through any device without losing access to any of their applications and data.

Cloud Services Providers also offer traditional as well as modern and cutting-edge solutions to facilitate digital transformation and allow businesses to focus less on technology and more on their businesses.